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Hello, as you can see my name is David. I attend Claremont McKenna and I attended the show you put on last night and I just wanted to say that you guys were absolutely fantastic. It’s sometimes hard to tell what kinds of bands are going to be playing at these events but I was impressed and each song seemed to top the last one. I’m not sure if you guys read these or not but just wanted to say that I am a huge fan and thanks for putting on awesome performance!
Weekend Celebrity was awesome at HP night! I have never heard one group cover so many genres different genres so well. Everyone should definitely go see them play if they have a chance!!
You just made me cry a bit. It isn’t so bad getting old after seeing my high school jam played like this 😀
Ivonne Velas
I had the pleasure of seeing the band performing at Sagebrush Cantina at Calabasas, this Friday, May 13, 2016.   I  enjoyed and connected with the group, immediately.  They are an energetic, synchronized and well-organized group of young people. The singer Donna .. a well-gathered human being, with a fantastic voice, coupled with two male voices, Jonathan & Neill, complimenting it.  Fantastically.. to deliver an excellent show.  Leaving the audience wanting more.  They are well synchronized that performed a change of roles that is part of the show.  The guitar player filling the rhythm completed by drumming delight,  It’s a band of consecrated musicians, delivering their art, with pleasure and a sense of completion that delights the most demanding hearing for music.  I would recommend, to take the chance of listening to them.  You will be thoroughly delighted. Believe me so.

HUGE shout out to Weekend Celebrity for filling in last minute and playing at the Burbank Relay for Life.

I don’t fall head over heals for bands easily, but I’ve got to say, the moment Donna opened her voice, my jaw just dropped in awe. This girl can wail like nobody’s business. She has a natural break in her voice which gave me goosebumps. I’d love to tell you that I had a favorite song from their set, but they were all my favorite!

Neil is one of my favorite drummers of ALL time! He is always smiling and absolutely loves being behind the kit. Again thank you bud for helping, it truly means the world to me.

Dan plays a sick guitar and is the driving force of booking this band…seriously if you need a band, please contact them, you won’t be sorry.

Can’t wait for some of your upcoming gigs, I will be the short one bobbing up and down screaming and smiling from ear to ear.

Nothing but props to you 3!!

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